Tuesday, August 17, 2010


One night, while staying up waaaay too late and snooping around online, I came across the Moo blog site.  Moo is a company I have heard of before, but never really had taken the time to explore.  So, I started perusing the blog scoping out their latest info when I came across a post describing their Business card redesign project.  Basically, they were holding a contest giving away free design and business cards to a handful of "winning" companies.  In order to "win" or be chosen as a candidate for the contest, you basically had to have some super lame business cards that were in need of a major makeover.  Thankfully, my business cards were the definition of lame and I WON!!!!

I was TOTALLY suprised and super duper excited when I received the email informing me of my win.  The best part, the design process started right away and I got to work closely with a designer to create business cards to represent my business, but I didn't have to bother with the frustration of designing something for myself.  So, the days went on, I emailed the designer and she whipped up some awesome cards.  We chose the final set, and that was that!  They were shipped and received crazy fast and I was so impressed by the entire process and the entire Moo team.

Now, I have an awesome set of business cards that are almost too pretty to use!  Maybe one day soon I will be able to part with them.  Until then, check this link to read all about it and check out the before and after!

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