Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall in Love

I decided to dig through the archives today and share some of the invitations that I've made this year, pre-blog.  The weather is nice and cool today and it has gotten me all revved up for fall.  In light of that, I opted to showcase this invitiation:

The bride chose a linen finish invitation printed on ivory with burnt orange text.  The wedding theme of "Fall in Love" is written in script across the top followed by a fall leaf photo and a simpler text.  These invitations were perfect for the fall season. 

I love fall, it is one of my favorite seasons.  If winter weren't right after it, I would probably call it my all time favorite!  I love the smells of fall, the crisp air, the sweatshirt weather, and the excitement of the upcoming holidays.  What do you love most about fall? 

1 comment:

  1. Sarah- Your work is beautiful! I must say being out here in AZ, I MISS MI fall weather so very much! I have to admit though we do have somewhat MI fall weather for our entire winter!! But I miss the changing of leaves, falling of them so I can go outside & rake em up & jump in them. Now that we have Thomas I am sad that he doesn't get to experience that every year :( But on a happier note, we are going to start trying for #2 real soon! I look forward to having you do our announcements :) Keep up the good work!