Monday, August 16, 2010

Christopher & Sabrina

Awhile back I worked with a gal named with Sabrina.  She was always so spunky and fun, I loved working with her.  As you can imagine, I was stoked when she asked me to design her wedding invitations!  Like I have mentioned before, it is so much fun when I can work with someone  I know and make something very special for them.

The look Sabrina was going for with her invitations was classy, yet fun and exciting.  Her colors were black and white and her bridesmaids were carrying a variety of colored gerber daisies.  So, my goal was to incorporate the gerber daisies somehow while focusing on some bold black and white invitations.

I am so happy with the final product, check it out for yourself:
Photo credit to Elizabeth K Photography.

This was also the first wedding where I had purchased a gift from Remaking Memories for the bride and groom.  Katie at Remaking Memories does such an outstanding job, this is what she came up with:
The back side of the ornament was white and featured their names, as shown on the invitation.  A very nice keepsake for fabulous invitation and a sweetheart bride :)

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  1. Another great post - keep up the great work, Sarah! Thanks for the shout out to Remaking Memories!