Monday, August 23, 2010

Amanda & Liam

The design of choice for late summer/early fall weddings this year appears to be the "Sour Apple" design.  What I love about each invitation is that each bride chose to design her invitation in such a unique way that they all have their own "personality".  I love this version of the invitation - it is so fall, but in a charming and unique way.  The colors of ivory, dark plum, and burnt orange give it a vintage feel, all while keeping it simple.  Another reason that I love the invitation so much is because the bride is a friend of mine and a complete sweetheart.  She radiates positive energy and is always ready to have fun.  It was an honor to create these invitations for her and her fiance'!

The bride and groom chose the "Sour Apple" invitation but tweaked it to match their needs and personality.  The background was changed from white to ivory, and colors were changed to a dark plum and a burnt orange.  Also, the lines were scaled back so they weren't so bold.  Amanda and Liam chose to include a combination card that included RSVP information as well as accommodation information.  Guests were to RSVP via the web, which is a very eco-friendly route to take.  Many brides have chosen this option and I must say, though it breaks all formal rules of wedding etiquette, I am all for it.  Go green!

Anyway, the invitation was inserted into a light ivory envelope, which was the perfect match for this invitation set.  The final result was perfect:

Cheers to you, Liam and Coop!  I wish you years of happy memories and fun adventures!

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