Saturday, August 28, 2010

Introducing Little Miss Layla

Though wedding season has come to an end, I have still been quite busy with various other projects.  I just recently made the sweetest birth announcements for a very sweet baby girl.  My cousin Jen lives in North Carolina, and though she's far away, I stilll love her to pieces and consider her to be one of my good friends.  So naturally, when her little Layla bug was born I was very excited to make the birth announcements.

Jen is so organized and smart -she decided to get ahead of the game and get the announcements designed before the baby was born so that all we would have to do is insert a photo.  I must say, good move, Jen!  As soon as her little angel was born, the newborn photo was taken and the job was done!

So for all of you mommys to be out there, why not start thinking about the birth announcements now? That way, when the baby gets here you don't have any work to do and you can just snuggle your new little one and leave the rest up to me!

Here are Layla's announcements - aren't they cute?!

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