Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Holidays are Approaching!

Tomorrow starts the onsalught of Holiday marketing - goodbye Fall and Halloween, hello, Christmas!  Well, not actually, but it always seems to me that as soon as Halloween is done, the major Christmas marketing begins.  One of my local radio stations plays Christmas music now until New Years and people begin their 2 month shopping bonanza.  In the spirit of Holiday over kill, I decided to post a holiday invitation set that I recently created.

The bride was a referral to me from a friend that is a great customer.  This friend was one of my first ever weddings and she has since ordered a handful of other invitations.  I was so grateful that she referred me, because to me this is the greatest compliment I can get!!  I really got excited for this set especially after I began working with the bride - she had an awesome wedding design in mind.  Her wedding is going to be held on New Year's Eve and will be using the regal color scheme of black, ivory and gold.  I can only imagine how glam and glitzy this event will be!

The bride chose the "Holiday Sparkle" design, with some minor changes.  We changed the color scheme, dropped the snowflakes, and added some small swirls.  What we ended up with was an invitation perfect for a NYE wedding!

The set included invitation with printed return address, RSVP card and envelope, and an accommodations card:
 And as a gift to the bride and groom, I had a Christmas ornament made from their invitation from Remaking Memories:

Cheers to you, Hali and Curtis!

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