Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New (and TOTALLY AWESOME) Product!

Awhile back I blogged about my letter art.  I have an entire alphabet of these "letters" and they are super duper cool.  You can create personalized art, etc.  They serve as a great gift!

Here is a photo to refresh your memory:

Now, if you were just thinking to yourself, "Wow, those are really cool," prepare yourself to be even more excited!
Last night while printing away I came across piles of notecards that I had purchased eons ago to print on.  They were sitting in the pile of neglected projects (you know what I mean, all of our homes have that same pile!).  Anyway, while I was printing, it dawned on me what I could do with them.  Behold, the sweetest notecards, EVER!

Imagine sending thank you cards or with your last name on them - or giving these as a gift to a bride and groom.  These notecards would be perfect for personal correspondance or as gifts to that person that is hard to buy for.  Just imagine the possibilities!!  I have an entire alphabet, so I can create any word, add any text, etc!

And, as an added bonus, since I am just launching these cards, I am going to put them on SALE until Thanksgiving!!!  Normally I am pricing this personalized set for $8 for a set of 8 cards with envelopes - from now until Thanksgiving, they will be $7.00/set!!  Get 'em while they're hot folks!!!!

Email - sarahtoyzan@yahoo.com for ordering information.
Please allow 7 days for production and shipping. Also, add $2 shipping to any order.  Pick-up orders available in the Tri-City area.


  1. You're sooo amazing and creative! Can't wait to get my hands on some!!!

  2. Nice Job again Sarah! Keep em' coming!