Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Sandy B

As most probably don't realize, wedding invitations are not the only items that I design - it just so happens that I have designed business logos, announcements, misc. invitations and even some promotional products. Enter the case of Sweet Sandy B.

Awhile back I was introduced to Sweet Sandy B via my friend Libby of Elizabeth K Photography. And when I say introduced, I mean she showed me her facebook page loaded with pictures of delicious treats and some insanely cool decorated cakes (check out the Cars cake, you will see what I mean!). So, as soon as I "met" Sandy, my sister-in-law got engaged, so it was the perfect time to order a cake and really check her out. Well, to put it mildly, the cake she made for me was beyond cute. I was thrilled with it! And, as it turned out, the same weekend she delivered my cake, she was also donating some baked goods to a local charity event. She needed some type of promotional flyer to display with her baked goods. It needed to be done ASAP and it needed to reflect her artistic style while showcasing her fab goods. Below is what I came up with.

I was quite happy with how this turned out (though I am none too happy with the quality of the uploaded image, ugh!). I think it represented her personality well, all while showcasing her goods. Small projects like these are a nice break from the norm and I enjoy doing them. So, all of you out there in need of some design work, hit me up!

And also, good luck to you, Sweet Sandy B, as you start your next adventure!


  1. Sealed amaze me!

  2. This is beyond proud of all of you
    artistic ladies!