Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Etiquette, Trends and Some Help from my Friends

The rules of party etiquette have changed over the years. Prior to the Internet, many people swore by the rules and books of Emily Post.  Her etiquette guidelines were the bible of party planning and any doubtful brides sought out her books for advice.  As a matter of fact, when I first got engaged, a dear friend of mine mailed me a copy of her book as an engagement gift, it was wonderful!  Everything I needed to know about weddings was right at my fingertips and I was able to look up the "rules" on any questions that I had.

These days rules have gone out the window and it seems that a desire to be different and unique is a resounding theme amongst many engaged couples.  Thought many are eager to break down the traditional wedding barriers, there are some etiquette rules that still ring true.  One of those is the idea of a nicely addressed envelope.  Many brides these days have tossed aside the idea of hand addressing invitation envelopes and opting to either use address labels or have addresses printed on envelopes.

I personally think that invitations do not have to be hand addressed.  Though I feel etiquette is important, I also feel that some rules are silly and not necessary.  My dilemma is not to hand address or not, it is that printing addresses on envelopes has become a rather tedious and expensive task for me.  I am having a hard time finding a quality printer that does a good job printing on envelopes and have sadly been through 3 different printers in an effort to find one that works ok.  My question to all of you readers is, how important is the outer envelope to you and is offering this service something that I should continue to do?  I am asking you all, after all, it is your opinion that matters!

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    I am a big fan of handwritten calligraphy on the outer and inner envelopes, and then a printed return address on the back of the envelope. My opinion is that you should find an envelope service for people who want printed envelopes. Check out this link:

    You could also offer pretty's way easier than feeding in individual envelopes. Just buy Avery Print-To-The-Edge labels (Return and Address) and manage in Microsoft Word.

    One last option is working through QRP in Midland. They can do the envelopes for you for a charge of $1.00 an envelope.

    Hope that helps!