Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

Things around here have beyond crazy busy!  I obviously have not blogged in forever because I have been working, working, working!  Below are some of the things I have done recently:

Invitations - These invitations are really special.  They are a combination of two different designs, something that I love to do.  The bride combined the "Candy Stripe" design and the "Organic" design.  These two designs are similar and seemed to combine together really well.

Programs & Favor Tags - Creating programs and other stationery that coordinate with wedding invitations is so fun!  Earlier I created invitations with this design and the bride wanted to create stationery that all coordinated for the rest of the wedding.  I created program covers and favor tags that also doubled as placecards.  It was so nice to see the design carried throughout the entire event.

Open House Invitations - This was the first set of open house invitations that I created and they were so fun!  The awesome photos, taken by Sara Blossom Photography, provided the basis for a great design!  We created a few different styles of invitations in order to incorporate more of his senior pictures.  The event information was listed on the back, that way recipients can save or frame the invitation if they wanted.

Stay tuned for 2 sets of wedding invitations, seating charts, bridal shower invites and programs.  There is a LOT more to come!

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