Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh, How Fun, Colby is One!

My nephew turned one this past December and his party was a year's worth of creative projects put together by my sister.  She knew all along that she wanted to put together a Dr. Seuss themed party and my, oh my was it a hit!  She thought of every single little detail and hand-crafted so much.  The party was a crafters dream  - from banners to party hats - you name it, she made it.  Plus, EVERY single little detail was an accurate ode to Dr. Seuss.  Check out the photos below:

The sign in table - there were party hats, a jar of "One fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" for a guessing game, and the Dr. Seuss book "Happy Birthday to You" for all guests to sign with a note.  The birthday boy got to keep the book with all of the special notes from his loved ones.  I thought this was such a neat idea and a very special keepsake!

My family is known for the cooking skills.  Whenever a family function arises, you can guarantee that there will be food, and lots of it.  This party stayed true to form - there was A LOT of food.  The best part was, it was all Dr. Seuss themed/named food - my sister thought of it all! 
My favorite part was the dessert display table - it was beautiful!  My sister made Dr. Seuss cupcake decorations that were colorful and fun - her overall display looked so great:

The dessert table served a double purpose - it was a great decor piece as well!
The other decor she had was cute, fun, and mostly handmade.  Features included hand drawn placemats for guests to color, adorbale red and blue centerpeices, Dr. Seuss bookmark party favors and more!

 The invitations were made by yours truly and were truly adorable:
The rest of the awesome details had to do with the food.  We didn't just serve food at the party - it was all Dr. Seuss themed, creative, and oh so awesome!



The paper straws were one of my favorites!  They were so pretty!!  I also was rather proud of the water bottle labels that I made - a nice detail for sure!!

The party was a blast - and as a crafty Aunt, it was so much fun to help create.  My sister thought of every detail - this party was a Pinterest lovers dream!!


  1. Oh my gosh! This IS a crafter's dream. Love it. So much creativity here!

  2. hey girl, thanks for the follow, im following you back! i love love dr. suess so this is just such an adorable kiddie party! looking forward to seeing your future posts :)

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  3. Awww! It's a Dr Seuss party. How cute is this theme :D Loving the birthday stationery and decor :D Kudos! :D