Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Tis the Season to Celebrate!

Thanksgiving is over, I am full, rested, and relaxed.  Most of my holiday shopping is done thanks to some great online deals and free shipping, so that means my Christmas season is wide open for family, fun, and celebrations!  I have a few holiday parties to attend and I am excited to kick off the season of festive cheer.

Recently I created some holiday party invitations that are so pretty, I just love them!  They are printed on metallic paper, mounted on red cardstock.  These invitations are a perfect for a holiday party or the design could easily be used for a Christmas card:

Besides celebrating the holidays, there are a lot of people around me celebrating babies!!  No matter what the season is, babies are always fun and exciting.  This invitation is for one of my best customers - she always has fun ideas and themes for showers and this invitation was no exception.  The theme for this baby shower was "Super Baby" and the idea turned out so cute!  These postcard invitations perfectly fit the theme and were a very unique and fun way to invite guests to the shower.

The last item I am going to share is not something that I made, but something made by my friend, Ayca, at Adornments.  Ayca is a very talented jewelry designer, currently stationed on the west coast.  I go to her for all of my jewelry needs and love her custom work.  Recently I sent her a piece of sea glass that I had picked up this past summer while vacationing in Homer, Alaska.  I asked her to use her creativity and make it into a necklace for me.  To my surprise and delight she took the seaglass and turned it into one of my most cherised keepsakes.  After wire wrapping the seaglass, she attached 3 birthstones to the top - my birthstone, my husband's birthstone and the birthstone for our baby that is due this coming May!!  Isn't that the most thoughtful and cool thing ever?!  This necklace now represents a memorable family vacation as well as my little family - it gives me goosebumps and makes me smile!

Cheers to all of the fun and joyful things to celebrate during this season!

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