Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Around the World in 10 Fonts

Memorial weekend was a big weekend for me.  My sister-in-law got married in Michigan and my best friend tied the knot in a private ceremony in Sayulita, Mexico.  My sister-in-laws wedding was perfect, and my bffs reception on June 4 was 1st class all the way.

Let me explain a little bit about my best friend.  She is a free-spirited, fun-loving, go with the flow, cheery, intelligent, and basically all-around awesome girl.  She is the owner of the website Adore to Explore and it just so happens that she is a travel writer, freelance journalist and around the world explorer.  She and her equally charismatic husband travel the world in search of fine cuisines, spectacular sights, and adrenaline pumping experiences.  Together they have trekked around the globe and are currently doing so again in an effort to spread the love through humanitarian efforts.

Though one paragrah cannot begin to explain the life of Erin and Jason, I think you can start to get the picture about their unique lifestyle.  Needless to say, their wedding reception was less than ordinary.  It was an event with an around the world, vintage travel theme that was carried out through the most perfect details.  The meal featured cuisine from all around the world, highlighting some of their favorite international feasts.

If I went into detail to describe the ways that their reception was awesome, I would be babbling on and on forever.  So, instead, I will just focus on how I fit into the picture, ;).  But really, their reception should have been featured in a magazine, it was seriously 100% amazing!

At each place setting, there was a neatly folded napkin.  Inside the napkins, these menus were tucked in for each guest.  The menus were simply awesome.  A design based solely on the use of fonts, these menus were simple, classy, and basically fabulous.

Now, I cannot take credit for this design work- the initial design started with my graphic designer cousin, Todd.  He came up with the initial framework and design, I just did the tweaking.  But, as you can see, these menus set the stage for a sensational meal in a first class way:

At each bar, there were two of these menus, which featured specialty cocktails suggested by the bride and groom.  The bar menus coordinated perfectly with the dinner menus and were again designed by the uber awesome, Todd Solgat:

As you can see by the stationery, this wedding was unique, personal, and all around spectacular.  Cheers to van den Schneids, may your life be blessed with many travels and warm memories!

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