Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bridal Show

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to host a booth at the Zehnders Bridal Extravaganza in Frankenmuth.  This was my 3rd year at the show and I cannot get over how it gets easier and more fun each year.  I remember my first year at the show, I was a nervous wreck and I was not very prepared (though I thought I was at the time!)  My sister and my best friend helped me that day and we sat proudly behind this sad looking booth (though that day I thought it was the best, ever!):

After starting the invitation business, I began to learn.  I learned a lot and I learned quickly.  That first year I created invitations for a handful of weddings and it gave me enough courage to give the bridal show a try again.  So, last year I went back to the show with a stronger display, better invitation designs and a much larger portfolio.  I had much success last year and as you can see, my display had more to offer, as well!

After wrapping up a very busy 2010, I was ready to roll at the 2011 show.  This show was great for many reasons.  I had a plethora of samples to show.  My portfolio has now grown to the point where I cannot even show you everything I can do/have done because there is so much.  I was feeling much more confident this year and I really have my act together, much more than I did a couple of years ago!

This year I was finally equipped with a solid logo, a display board for my samples, plenty of coupons, pricing lists, etc.  The look was awesome and I have never felt more comfortable with the business and work that I was representing.

One thing that made this year different from years before was that this year I actually had a few customers that came to the show looking for ME!  A few clients were referred to me from former satisfied customers.  This experience was very humbling but also very, very exciting!  I am so excited that I am steadily working toward developing a strong business that allows me to make so many people happy!

So, here are the photos from this year.  Again, MUCH improved!

Now the show is over and it is back to business.  I have already whipped up some bday party invites this week (blog post to come) and am in the midst of working on some other super cool projects.  So, stay tuned, as always, there is more to come!

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