Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Tomorrow I am attending the birthday party of a very, very special girl.  My buddy (and cousin!) Emily is turning 11 next week and we are throwing her a birthday party that is right up her alley!  This chick has always been crafty and creative.  When she was a little girl she always loved playing with side walk chalk and scrapbooking.  Now, she is turning 11 and is more creative, sweet, and awesome than ever.  Throwing a birthday party for a girl this special is a hard task, but her mom and I have cooked up our best idea yet, we are having an Art themed birthday party!!

Emily is a true artist.  She is creative, talented, and fun - the perfect mix!  She has spent many days with me painting pottery, making mosaics, scrapbooking, painting watercolors, etc.  This girl has more talent than some adults that I know!  She also helped me set up my Art classroom this year and did a fabulous job on my bulletin board.  That same day, she also helped me set up my Art studio/office, so I owe her!

Her party is going to be super awesome.  We are going to create a few fun projects, and have a ball!

For her party, I created these invitations:

Sticking with the Art theme, I designed her invitations so that her name looked as if it were hand painted.  The invitations were mounted on yellow cardstock and were sent in mint colored metallic envelopes.  Each envelope had the art palette design printed on the outside.  I then addressed the envelopes and sent them in the mail to each guest.  I know that if I were a kid and got something like this in the mail, I would be so geeked!

These days, favor bags are a must do at birthday parties.  When throwing an Art party, you can't just throw together a bag of candy, you must send the kids home with the tools to create!  That is why each kid will be going home with one of these:

I printed this thank you message on the bags using the same paint palette that was on the invitation and envelope.  Aren't they cute?!  And of course, each one was printed with a different color scheme, representing all parts of the color wheel!

Inside each goody bag you will find markers, colored pencils, watercolors and several blank artworks to color!  Again, if I were a kid and got to go to a party like this, I would be the happiest girl alive!

We have tons of fun artsy activities plan, I can't wait until tomorrow!

I am so excited for this party and I am so excited to do this for Emily.  Em, you are such a great kid, I am so glad to have you in my family!!!

Do any of you have a fun birthday memory that you want to share?  I would love to hear about YOUR favorite party!!


  1. Thanks for doing that!!!!!! I loved it!!!!

  2. You are so welcome! I would do it again in a heartbeat, it was so fun and so you!