Sunday, May 20, 2012

Showers, Showers, and more Showers!

As we know, wedding season is in full swing - and so is shower season!  These days it seems that themed and unique showers are all the rage, which as a guest and as a host, I feel makes them a lot more fun to attend and plan.

This next invitation was for a colorful spring shower - you can get the bright and cheery feel of the shower right away from this vibrant invitation:

The next shower I was a co-host of, so I have a lot of fun details to share.  This was a Kentucky Derby themed family party that was held in lieu of a traditional shower.  The invitations were printed on white metallic paper, mounted on lapis metallic stock and featured a muted photo of the famed Twin Spires of Churchill Downs.

Held on the day of the Kentucky Derby, I completely went all out to theme the event accordingly.  Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I was able to find loads and loads of KY Derby paraphernalia ranging from balloons:

to horse wall clings:

Logo napkins featuring the Derby 138 logo:

This was a gift that was just too cute - it was a Kentucky Derby package featuring bluegrass seeds, Derby pie, Makers Mark and more - it was so fitting!

A pair of Derby 138 glasses for the bride and groom to keep:

Disposable 138 glasses:

And what is a Kentucky Derby party without horses or betting?!  We set up bags for each contending horse and guests could "place their bets":

 We had "official" betting slips:

And the winner won this Derby movie night basket featuring popcorn, movie candy, the movie Secretariat and a set of 138 Derby glasses:

And, since the race is called the "Race for the Roses", these adorable cupcakes were made (not by me of course!):

The same baker also made these horse cupcakes - trust me when I say that the photo does these cute little things no justice at all:

And to top it off, my uber-creative Aunt, the one that made me the cement truck diaper cake in my previous post, made this little number for the bride and groom.   How cute is that?!

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  1. I love your horse racing theme! I've never seen that before.